This is without a doubt one of the worst records I've ever listened to. About That Life is what you get when you mix misogynistic douche bags, generic dime-a-dozen breakdowns, and a disregard for any meaning lyric-wise. If you listen to the title track "About that Life," you've pretty much heard every other song on here too. They claim to "not give a fuck" about anything, yet they dedicate a whole song entitled "Callout" to diss all their 'haters'. The vocalist is mad because Ronnie Radke "talks shit" on his Instagram, and he clearly cares that other bands say they care about their fans but they don't.

Everything sound-wise is your typical overproduced deathcore album, courtesy of Joey Sturgis. The guitars and bass are extremely distorted, but come off very sterile and almost robotic at a lot of the breakdowns (which is a huge portion of this album). The vocalist has your generic deathcore growl, high-pitched-scream, and does rap sections in a frog voice that sounds like it smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. He also beatboxes at points. It's a shame this band decided to go the direction they chose; there's some really great lead guitar parts. Some of the solos are incredibly tasteful, melodic, and aren't afraid to rip at points like on "Thug Life" and "Rageaholics." That's the only reason I gave this album a 1. As I already mentioned, the lyrics are about as one dimensional and cliche as you can get. I'm sure some people will find them shocking or offensive, but I just seem it as a cheap gimmick for 14-year-old scene kids to get stoked on.

If anything in this review sounds attractive to listen to, visit your local psychiatrist immediately. I know Atilla band is laughing all the way to the bank on this one, but it sucks that these guys who don't care about anything are selling lots of records while bands with ton of potential, talent, and meaning are sleeping in Walmart parking lots and just trying to get enough money to get their van to the next city.