Ever since I saw my first Gregg Araki film, the Doom Generation, I have found myself quite interested in shoe gaze. His user of shoe gaze in his movies brings sense of angst. This is what really attracted me to the genre. Now whenever I get the chance i check out any band under the umbrella of shoe gaze.

This band intrigued me more so than usual with their mix of punk and shoe gaze. I know they weren't the first that has done this but the first I had actually come across so I figured I would give them a chance. Right off the bat I was not very impressed with them. The first song was noisy and seemed influenced by Sonic Youth. The song didn't grab my attention and left me wanting something different. As the album progressed there were definitely songs that I enjoyed but honestly not too many.

I feel like I should really like this band but after repeated listens I was still unable to really get this band. The aren't particularly bad but never really took my attention. This was an ok listen and probably wouldn't be upset if someone put it on but I personally would not listen to it on my accord.