Norma Jean is a polarizing band that either lost the attention span of heavy music listeners a long time ago, or continues to put out early 2000's metalcore that is done right. I fall into the latter, totally content with the band's heavy metalcore sound, and expecting not much else. Its quite odd that I continually accept and enjoy each album Norma Jean pumps out, yet completely write off other bands that try to carry on with typical metalcore structure. I suppose the biggest clincher is with frontman Cory Brandon's voice. This dude is pissed and it really shines through when he's screaming his face off on each track. Looking back at 2010's Meridional, listen to the end of "Bastardizer" to hear some REAL screams. I mean real in the sense that Brandon screams with a sense of purpose and real anger, hitting the lows when effective. I've always really liked his clean vocals as well, and have always found them used tastefully, and not just as a clean chorus.

Wrongdoers picks up where Meridional left off, but maybe just a bit heavier. With three new members to contribute to the action, its definitely breathed new life into the outfit. There is some experimentation found throughout the album, with usage of strings and piano and such. This adds some depth to the mix, but rippers like "The Potter Has No Hands" rely on straight riffs and a crushing end breakdown, chug chug REES and all.

Many can argue that Norma Jean albums are fairly unpredictable at this point, and they may be right. I just seem to have a small part of my heart set aside for metalcore done really well.