When Unhallowed dropped in 2003, I had that shit on repeat in my CD boombox every day. I was so pumped on the metalcore riffs tucked in Gothenburg metal and gloomy subject matter. The fact that the dudes in The Black Dahlia Murder don't necessarily take themselves too seriously made it that much better. I like horror movies and I like metal, they are just a great combo that seemed to be embraced from album to album. TBDM has pumped out a new album every other year since Unhallowed, each progressively better than the last. Outside of the production improving, songwriting and technicality has gotten tighter. After the addition of Arsis guitarist Ryan Knight, the melodic solos and harmonies became more prevalent in TBDM's sound.

Everblack is a continuation of everything you've come to expect from TBDM. Blazingly fast drumming and breakneck guitar rhythms that will be the soundtrack to long hairs moshing in their bedrooms. Frontman Trevor Strnad's vocals continue to be a highlight of listening to this band, balancing the right amount of throat shredding shrieks and guttural lows. Lyrical content ranges from ghastly poetic to nods from Evil Dead. The Black Dahlia Murder has really developed their own little brand of melodic death metal over the years, and Everblack is a definitive continuation on that brand. Out now on Metal Blade Records.