Comprised of members from bands such as Young Widows, Coliseum, and Black Cross, Black God have released an EP each year since 2011. This year's installment, III, is a new 11 minutes of Louisville tinged rock with a punky edge. I can honestly describe the sound as the offspring of Coliseum and Settle Down City era Young Widows. Many of the bands out of the Louisville area bare similarities, especially with the prevalent vocal style carried on by the Patterson brothers. Production is nice and dirty, and really gives off the impression that these tracks are being recorded live to tape.

As with the other EP's, this is great music to throw in the background when drankin some light beers with friends, or driving a car really fast. Opener "Ghost In You" is a prime example of what you're getting your ears into, and can really be a gateway for anyone unfamiliar with these bands in the Louisville scene. Stereotypes aside, fans of any of the aforementioned bands can totally get into Black God. Its too bad I've missed the chance to see them live, they dropped off their Philly date last year to address a family emergency. Pick up all three of their 7"s on the No Idea webstore for $10.