Oathbreaker is a female fronted Belgian hardcore band that has unleashed a hell of a sophomore album in "Eros|Anteros". While their previous LP, "Maelstrom", was recorded in Belgium but mixed in the states by Kurt Ballou at Godcity Studios. This time around, all recording and mixing was handled at Godcity, really bringing Oathbreaker's sound to the next level. Ballou really has a way of capturing heavy band's sound as if it were being capture live, regardless of if it were actually all overdubs. Although the album does start with a 2 minute played out intro track of dizzying guitar noise, shit gets real quick.

Proper opener, "No Rest For The Weary", kicks off with a blast beat and a frenetic, delay soaked wall of guitar that comes off similar to labelmates deafheaven. Frontwoman Caro Tanghe's vocals are higher in register but so effectively brutal. Listen to the first 30 seconds of "Upheaval" and her voice can truly be appreciated, before a great enunciated blast beat on the drums takes center stage. Listening through the album, maybe recording with Kurt Ballou had a heavy influence on the guitar playing, because I feel many riffs presented could be found on a Converge record as well. Brother and sister songs "As I Look Into the Abyss"and "The Abyss Looks Into Me" are a definitive highlight on this album. The first track is fast and chaotic, crescendoing in another sick blast with overbearing crash cymbals washing out the mix. The accompanying track is a slower burner with some well done clean vocals changing things up. Its not long before the song explodes into something more heavy, only to drop back down to the slow tempo march thats heavy on a bass riff.

I could truly do without the ending 12 minute track, "Clair Obscur", as its really just a one riff instrumental with layers progressively thrown on top of it and then taken away. Don't let this lead you astray though, this album is a ripper and definitely worth checking out. Listen below: