I know I’m a little late on getting this one out but that shouldn’t take away from this being my recommendation for best hardcore record of 2013. LA’s Alpha & Omega return with their follow-up to their 2010 success, Life Swallower with a record that completely puts it to shame. No Rest, No Peace is a juggernaut of crossover hardcore that will leave you salivating for more.

It seems to be that A&O wear their influences on their sleeves and it’s almost like they didn’t even try to hide it. Metallica thrash riffs that would make James Hetfield blush, tone reminiscent of Wolverine Blues era Entombed, vocal melody that is an eerie combination of Leeway and Blacklisted, and grooves that could stand up to anything NOLA is putting out. But who knows, I could be completely wrong about all that and they could have spent the entire time writing this record listening to nothing but Cro-Mags and Crowbar and it would still make a lot of sense. So while I might be wrong in my initial assumption, at least it paints a picture of what the boys from California are bringing to the table.

Essentially No Rest, No Peace is just an enhanced version of their highly touted Life Swallower. In many ways it’s the same formula but perfected and it sounds a lot bigger. While I loved Life Swallower and still give it its fair share of listens, the record has one major downfall in that it loses major steam after the acoustic instrumental track. It’s like they blew their wad with all their favorites first and just filled in the rest of record with stuff, that while still good in their own right, that they didn’t really care about as much. With No Rest the band never gives you that break and the record is a straight ripper from front to back. Couple that with choosing Chad Gilbert (of NFG fame) to record the record gave A&O just what they needed to give us their perfect record. I’m sure since Gilbert has been writing and recording music for half his life, his knowledge of song writing played a part in the success of the songs presented on this record. While it seems unconventional to use someone more known for Pop-Punk, hopefully A&O learned something from this session and continue to no break the mold on the next outing.

This record can’t come more highly recommended. For whatever reason it seems that Alpha & Omega have been getting lost in the shuffle a little bit since they exploded on the scene but I hope that’s not the case because they are easily one of the best acts out right now. If you loved Life Swallower then No Rest, No Peace is going to blow you away. If you never heard them before, stop that now and pick up this record. You will not be disappointed.