The first thought that came to mind when I heard the first song, entitled “Cheaters” was that this sounds like something that belongs on the old T.V. Show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. That's not a bad thing really, it was a good show, kind of. But that's beside the point. The point is, that listening to this album several times over I was constantly transported back to my couch several years ago watching re-runs of Buffy on daytime cable television. Don't ask me what the connection there is, but that was the first thought that came to mind.

This album was a bit confusing to review. It has some punk undertones, but also a wild blend of... I don't know, college rock? Is that even a genre? But again, if I had to place a “Genre” on it, I would have to say its definitely a sort of punk/garage rock thing.

Well, now that I completely butchered the description, lets get into the actual music of Wife’s. Musically speaking, it has some decent musicianship, as you can tell the members know their instruments well. Aside from that, you have a front man who sounds like he had his heart ripped out at some point in time by some hot college chick and so he takes it out on the vocals to these songs. Its pretty cool actually. In a haunting sort of tortuous way and to quote a great Canadian/American actor-”It kinda grabs you by the booboos, doesn't it?”

Starting off with the ultra upbeat and trend setting song (if songs could be trendy?) “Cheaters”, we are greeted with feedback and other musical noises as the intro ends and the song starts. Screaming about women and cheating, whether condoning such behavior or against it, I'm not sure, but the song is catchy and very upbeat. They even have a cool break down where the listener is actually invited to join the band and sing aloud... I would suggest NOT doing so if your around your significant other, as this song may cause the illusion of ones cheating. So fair warning to all you singing types out there.
Over the next couple of songs, we're treated to more “Girl” themed lyrics as well as that painful vocal style, that, to be honest with you, really takes this band to the next level. I mean who hasn't been heart broken before? The music stays consistent with the upbeat tempo's and wild college rock-Esq break downs.

Bringing up the middle is a slowed down song called “Ring Finger”. Again, back to the couch and heartbreak. The main subject of this song is his ring finger. Not really sure where this song is supposed to take you, it's a really good song that again, really catches the mood of the band. Or at least the softer, more sad side of them, with the main subject being that of his ring finger. I have no idea whats going on with the lyrics here, but its delivered very well. The vocalists really shows his range of emotion and musicianship here. It could be their single from the album and possibly see radio play on an alternative or college station.

Continuing on our musical journey with Wife's, the mood is once more altered and once more I was transported back to the 90's where dating and working night shifts were all the rage. The quicker songs come back into play until the end of the album.

At the tail end, we have “She Smokes Cigarettes”. More music about a past girlfriend, perhaps? What ever the reasoning behind these songs, rather they were written for a long lost love, or written for the sake of the album, its a pretty good listen. I read on another review where Wife's was compared to Fugazi, I personally don't hear the comparison, but then again, I haven't listened to Fugazi since the early 90's.

And though it seems like a lifetime ago, working the closing shift at a local area rest and dating some of the waitresses, listening to this album really took me back to that time in my life. So to me, an album that is completely out of my comfort/listening zone and can make me time travel is pretty cool. I like the album for that reason alone, but the quality of the songs is also a strong point. Keep an eye out for other releases from this band, as they continue to write, I'm sure they will keep putting out quality tunes. Thanks for reading!