Cheech was started in 1996 but I had never heard nor heard of them. All I knew when I started listening was it was Boston hardcore. Boston hardcore to me is heavy riffs and heavy breakdowns over which they lay tough guy vocals. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I assumed this would have been more of the same.

I popped it in and was not surprised. The music was heavy and sounded exactly the same as I expected it to. Then the vocals kicked in. They were growled vocals and not tough guy at all. At first I was not very impressed with the combination of the vocals and music but after many repeated listens I got used to it and was actually impressed. I got used to the metal/ hardcore mixed that wasn't the mainstream metalcore that have prevalent in the music scene.

After repeated listens I didn't find a single song on the record that I wanted to skip. The songs are good but nothing that stood out except their cover of Seek and Destroy at the end of the album. It was a fun version that was done quite well.

This isn't album of the year or anything but it was a great Boston hardcore record. It definitely stood on its own without any terrible songs albeit no real singles either. This album will get some plays from me in the future but not a regular in my rotation.