Fans of stoner rock legends Kyuss are well aware of the Kyuss Lives! episode and the legal battle between ex-Kyuss member and current Queens Of The Stone Age guitarist Josh Homme. So I am going to skip the whole back story and get right to the music. Vista Chino is now the moniker of the "other guys" from Kyuss and Peace is their debut full length.

Given the members histories, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Vista Chino is following the blueprints drawn out by Kyuss 25 years ago. Peace is ten tracks of by the numbers stoner rock done to perfection. The riffs are thick and the rhythm is plodding and you can almost smell the weed. The desert feel of Kyuss is resurrected again and makes Peace feel right at home with their contemporaries like Fu Manchu. It's a rather stripped down record, but the simplicity is part of the charm. The drumming commands a lot of attention and doesn't allow the riffs to take as much of a center stage as you would imagine.

I know there is no shortage of stoner rock out in the world, but Kyuss have long been considered one of the best of the genre. While we will presumably never see a proper Kyuss reunion, Vista Chino do a great job of filling those shoes. Peace will surprise a lot of people that gave Homme so much credit in the past and prove the rest of Kyuss was due some of the praise as well.