A post-hardcore record on Nuclear Blast? That doesn't quite sound right. About 15 seconds into Here To Stay you'll find that Speaking The King's doesn't sound right either. In fact they suck shit.

I don't know how the fuck this got labeled post-hardcore. There is the good cop/bad cop auto-tuned vocals and an abundance of mind numbing, boring breakdowns with the ferocity of a Pomeranian. I plucked this out of the review pool more than a month ago and have been dreading giving it a second listen since.

"We have put a lot in to this recording and we hope that people will be able to connect with our music and with us as individuals," says guitarist Justin Bock. Unfortunately, after hearing Hear To Stay, the last thing I want to do is connect with this band or the individuals in it. If your self expression is a mash-up of pop punk and metalcore than I think your demographic is more than likely those that worry about studying for their algebra tests.

I'd like to hear an excuse from Nuclear Blast. This has to be an attempt at a cash grab because this definitely has the right sound to get popular in high schools and get the band a slot on Warped Tour. I just hope that by the time my daughter is in high school that this shitty genre will be non-existent. This is one of the worst records I've heard all year.