After listening to this EP, I can conclude that American Head Charge is the type of band that you like if you know nothing about music. Take Nickelback for example. The only people I know who actually like that band don't know what they like in music, and have no taste for good music whatsoever. American Head Charge is a perfect example of this stereotype, and it shows on this horrible EP called Shoot.

This EP sounds like a lovechild between a crappy version of Korn and Godflesh. The five tracks sound like songs those bands wouldn't even think about actually putting on their records. There's literally no redeeming qualities about this release. It's incredibly boring, and absolutely no memorable aspects of any of the songs (not even just the choruses). There's so many recycled riffs and cliche, uninspired lyrics it's nearly embarrassing to listen to. I don't even want to go into detail talking about each song, I won't waste my time. Wrap this whole package up with a luke warm cover of Marilyn Manson's cover of Patti Smith's song "Rock n' Roll Nigger" should give you enough reason to stay far away from this band and EP (fun fact-it was self-released, imagine that!).

Apparently this was released as a 'comeback' for the band, but they should have stayed broken up. This one of the worst releases I've had the displeasure to listening to for this site.