I had high hopes for this album. Why? Because I loved Dark Ages and every album following up until this. Over recent years Max has pretty much turned Soulfly into a borderline Death Metal band, but still incorporating the classic thrash feel and the hints of Numetal. Unlike the earlier albums which were straight up NU! Savages still continues in the Death Metal direction but has taken a huge step backwards. Every song has that "Roots syndrome". You know on Sepultura's Roots album they have the cool downtuned riffs, but goes 2 minutes too long....which makes every song entirely too long. Oh there's also a song entitled "Ayatolla of Rock 'N' Rolla" which I tried to look past, but give me a break how am I suppose to take that seriously?

It's not like Savages is a hard listen if you love the groove. Of course it has all the staple tribal beats, weird reverbed vocals and heavy 1 string riffs that has been their sound since Self Titled. Have said that, the most displeasing and aggravating part of Savages is it having so many good riffs or parts. Every song they somehow manage to go too long, add a riff that doesn't fit or just write terrible transitions in between the gnar. Which ruins the listeners groove (pun intended). You'd think Max performing this formula before and knowing it failed would cause alarm to not do it again, welp fuck it pretty much.

The musicianship is there as well. Max has a killer band that barely shows their capability when you have a majority of 65% bullshit with no technically, solos or solid drumming engulfing the other 35%. Which I'm sure bums out any listener of heavy metal music.

Not like there are many on this site that listen to Soulfly, but if you do I suggest you at least give this album a shot. Maybe I'm expecting too much or being too hard. Bottom line is they get a bad rep because of the lackluster they put out sometimes when I know and have heard them do way better and it pisses me off.