In 2011 I came across a record called The Apologist by East Of The Wall and became slightly obsessed. I eagerly checked out their back catalog and became a big fan of the band. I still find myself grabbing The Apologist double LP off my shelf at least once a month and taking time to listen to it. The rest of their releases were intriguing, but none of it grabbed my attention the way that record did.

Since then I have kept my eyes and ears peeled for a new East Of The Wall release. So I was pleased to see that on October 29th, the release of their fourth LP titled Redaction Artifacts will be out on Translation Loss Records. Having said all that, it kind of goes without saying that I have high expectations for this record.

East Of The Wall are unmistakable as a progressive metal band. They started as an instrumental unit and have made significant leaps in sound between each record. At this point, vocal duties are spread between two guitarists, Matt Lupo and Greg Kuter, and bassist Chris Alfano. Three singers may sound a little ridiculous, but they make it work and leave plenty of moments free of any vocals to make up for it. Kuter is new to the band and has taken over the majority of the melodic vocals and sounds right at home for a new guy. The band also takes a three guitar approach, but with all that is going on in the record it doesn't feel like overkill. Their mash-up of metal, jazz and post-hardcore

Redaction Artifacts feels like East Of The Wall may have reined it in a little bit compared to The Apologist. There is still a shit ton of creativity and more transitions than I care to count, but the songwriting seems a tad more accessible than their previous work. I don't necessarily think that is a bad thing, but given the bands gradual progression between each release I am surprised to see them take a lateral step.

East Of The Wall may have made me a fan of their mash-up of metal, jazz and post-hardcore on The Apologist, but Redaction Artifacts is going to keep me a fan. I feel like this record fits in perfectly with records released by The Ocean, Anciients and Oceans Of Slumber earlier this year. I admit I am not as blown away as I was hoping, but I am happy with what East Of The Wall have brought to the table this time around.