Psywarfare may be best known as Dwid Hellion's noise project because that is exactly what it is. The name is probably most noticeable from the split released with Integrity on Victory Records back in 1996. There were a few more releases, but after 1999's Candyman, all has been silent in the Psywarfare camp until now.
This time around Hellion has teamed up with the UK's Rot In Hell for a split 7" on Magic Bullet Records.

Side 'A' belongs to Rot In Hell and finds the band making a total 180 when compared to the Holy Terror sound they made their name on. Instead they present a set of acoustic songs that may stray aurally, but maintains the aura of a darker band. The first song features distant screaming over the light strumming and soft chanting-like vocals that allows Rot In Hell to retain their edge. The next two songs drift further to the softer spectrum as side 'A' draws to a close, but I tend to like them more that way. An all acoustic batch of songs isn't what I was expecting from Rot In Hell, but I like it more than I thought I would.

Side 'B' is the return of Psywarfare and the return of that noise your dial-up made as you logged on to AOL in the 90's. God I hate this shit. I haven't been shy about my hatred for noise before, so I am not going to get into again. If you see Dwid's name on Psywarfare and think Holy Terror, instead just think wholly terrible. There isn't a minute of side 'B' that I don't regret.