Mortal Decay have long been a band that deserved more credit within the world of death metal. Their demos are legendary and in my opinion, Forensic is one of the best death metal releases. Not terribly long after that release could be seen as to why the band didn't stay as prolific. A myriad of of line up changes occurred along with an album (while good) not on par with prior releases. More lineup changes and 8 years later we now have The Blueprint for Blood Splatter.

This album brought a lot of high hopes from me. They've played many of the songs live for years and they were great. Anthony Ipri returned on drums, even better. Then they lost singer Anthony Shrader which bummed me a bit because I felt he was great. The band announced Danny of Malignancy would be covering vocals on the album. Color me intrigued.

From the opening seconds I was reminded of the band's classic material. That thankfully didn't let up as the band has released their best stuff in years. It has the classic Mortal Decay sound intact with some modern touches so as to not sound like a retread of prior material. Think of ultra brutal death metal with the right amount of groove and technicality matched with eerie dark melodic riffing all performed by stellar musicians.

After wondering how Danny Nelson would fair with blending in to the Mortal sound, I was quickly left asking myself "why doesn't he sound like this all the time??!" To say he sounds like a goddamn beast would be an understatement. He has outdone himself and I really wish he sounded like this all of the time. The band may not ever have another John Paoline (considered the favorite amongst many fans) on vocals, but this performance comes damn close. This brings me to one my only two gripes with the album, Danny is permanent and most likely won't be doing shows with them or recording with them again. In that sense, it kind of makes this a tease as we only get treated to this once.

Now, onto my second gripe, and it's a bit minor, but the album only clocks in a little over a half hour. After 8 years of waiting, you want as much as you can get. With a the shorter time though, it does it's job in making you crave more and more than a handful of times I've immediately hit replay.

The Blueprint for Blood Splatter in short is a culmination of all eras of the band. It's also a testament to countless years of hard work and never giving up. It's paying off quite well. I just hope we don't have to wait forever again for another outing from the band.