Take Over and Destroy. Pretty badass name for a blackened sludge metal band from Tempe. AZ. Impressed by their sweet name and recommendation from a friend I decided to check these guys out.

Now to begin I am not a huge fan of most metal. I like bands here and there so I will always be a bit more critical of bands that fall in this genre. The music is slow sludgy metal with elements of black metal. Now this seems like a great mix of genres and I can definitely see where it could go wrong but on this album they seemed to have gotten it right.

Its slow and heavy and the tone they get in the guitars fits it perfectly. The vocals match extremely well.

This not being a genre in my comfort zone I did find pleasure listening to it. I won't go out of my way to listen to this but I wouldn't leave a show if they happened to be playing it. I feel that if I can dig it not being a fan of the genre I definitely feel fans would love this record.