Cop Problem- “Buried Beneath White Noise”

I watched a few promo videos for this album on YouTube and really couldn't wait for this album. It seemed, in previews anyhow, to have all the elements that make a kick ass, hard-as-nails record. And it holds up to that very nicely. The songs are fast and heavy, with out being overly fast. the lyrics, as one would imaging from a band with a name like “Cop Problems”, are politically charged and really launch a verbal assault on your ears.
Some people have mentioned the the recording quality of the album is lacking a bit, but I on the other hand, find that raw sound really benefits the band and really, I wouldn't want to listen to a polished up clean version of this. Its raw, its gritty and it gets to the point with no frills or bells and whistles. Just how a punk rock album, or any heavy underground album should be.
While almost a 5/5, there is one small problem that I had with this album. While everything falls into place here, the vocals can seem a bit monotonousness and only change key when trailing off at the end of a screamed sentence. I don't want to take anything away from the awesomeness of the vocalist, as the style couldn't fit any better than they do, but with some very minor tweak to her range, Cop Problem could be one of the best Punk bands to come out in a while.
With a demo from 2011, I believe a single (Endless War, available at their band camp site, as are all of these recordings), a two song 7” E.P., there is plenty of Punk Rock goodness (Or if you prefer- nastiness, just saying, with a sound this gritty and hard core. Well you get the idea.) There are plenty to choose from. And if that's not enough political discharge for you, Cop Problem is rumored to be coming out with a full length in 2014... So stay tuned boppers. Until next time, thanks or reading.