Since Max Cavalera left the band and Derek Green filled his shoes I know many stopped giving a shit. A couple albums later Igor Cavalera left the band and even more of you gave even less of a shit. Andreas Kisser always wrote majority of the music though, were the Cavaleras replacements that bad? No, they were not. So if you pull your head out of your ass for a second and give this a spin, I'm sure you'd realize how unfair you've been to Sepultura the last 15 years. This album is just as good if not better than many of the top metal contenders this year. Shit, your Power Trips, Revocations, Ramming Speeds and others took their style and yes made it awesome. But come the fuck on! You're going to give them praise but none to the forefathers?

To me this album is their best work since Chaos A.D.. Yes, much better than the influential album Roots. The song writing on this album brings no lackluster, no repetition and all the elements we've heard over the decades of what made Sepultura one of our favorite metal bands. Then taking a chance and adding some new elements as well. Stepping out of the box can be dangerous but I'm sure with Rick Rubin in your corner it makes things much easier. The production while sounding new and fresh still has the classic thrash or death metal feel to it. This will mark the first time the group has recorded an album outside of Brazil since Against. Not like it might have had any impact on the recording.

This is Eloy's first album since joining the group he grew up listening to. The twenty two year old drum prodigy has brought a new spark to the group. Throughout the new material there is times where he sounds like he has six arms. Relentlessly beating the shit out of his kit just like Igor did. Right from the gate with the thrash opener "Trauma of War" he pummels his kit with chaotic precision.

Before hearing any of the new material I was apprehensive with Ross Robinson as a producer for new album. I thought the group was aiming to make a Roots pt. 2 and man was I wrong. There are elements from all of the band's discography. So it's not just one style they blend. They blend everything from Morbid Visions to Roots throughout this album. The song "Manipulation of Tragedy" is a good example of their blending of styles. The break in the middle is something that Sepultura are known for but doesn't sound rehashed. I wanted to hear the band's cover of "Zombie Ritual" by Death. Andreas in the interviews stated he was heavily influenced by Chucks playing. Even taking a page from Chuck Schuldiner 2:35 in to the song "Tsunami" the lead sounds like the lead from end of "Crystal Mountain". The single "Age of the Atheist" to me was one of the weaker tracks on the album. The track "The Vatican" they are making a video for would have been a much better pick for a single. Which might be my favorite track off the album blending their earlier death and thrash roots with a more modern day approach.

I love Maxs vocals, but Derrick has a much better range and can even sing which is displayed on the song "Grief". Where he sings in a trance like state. The most doomy and atmospheric track on the album. The guitars are full of grit and have a very menacing tone. Andreas is one of the most underrated guitarists and his use of the wah is always tasteful and on point.

My biggest and one of few negatives about the album is I wish the bass drums were a tad bit more clear. There are times were it sounds muffled. Other than that overall the album is solid not saying the previous releases were bad. A-lex, Dante, and Kairos all have solid songs. But the albums after max left the fold fell short with a lot their experimenting. With this new album I hear a youthful rejuvenation within the group. Looking forward to hear what they come up with next.