From Finspang, Sweden, FACEBREAKER pulls no punches with their third album entitled “Dedicated To The Flesh”. What we have here is an album that really belongs back in time before all the “Technical” death metal became all the rage (pun intended, get it, rage?). A straight forward throwback to old school death metal, bands like Death, Carnage and Entombed come to mind while listening to this bad ass metal album.

The term “Zombie Metal” is often used to describe Facebreaker and for good reason, all their song lyrics revolve some way or another around zombies and the ever impending zombie apocalypse that seems to be so popular these days, but not to worry, these Swedes have been at this for several years now and have already, in my opinion anyhow, become scarier than half the zombie garbage that's out there on TV today.

They music itself is self preserving in the fact that its blatantly good and heavy. There aren't a lot of unnecessary riffs or drum fills taking up space, just straight forward, heavy as hell, old school Death Metal with a purpose, and that's to bring the zombie apocalypse to you, one brutal song at a time. If you don't believe me, just take a look at the albums track list.

Are they the next Exhumed or Cannibal Corpse, you ask? Well, actually, no. They are strong enough on their own to be themselves and carve (another pun! I'm full of them today. It must be the moon.) their own path in the Metal underworld.

There are two other “themed” albums out by Facebreaker, if you liked what you heard from this album, there is “Dead Rotted and Hungry” released in 2008 and “Infected” released in 2010. These three albums would make even the Heaviest of metal fans swoon in the breeze while having images of brains being eating or out running from hordes of the living dead. Any how, a big horns up to these dangerous Swedes for making kick ass music.