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"Tony Sly came into this world on November 4, 1970. He left us on July 31, 2012, only 41 years old. During that time he inspired countless lives, through his melodic punk harmonies and deep philosophical lyrics, touching our hearts and connecting to all of humanity through his gift of music.

In 1987, at the age of 17, Tony joined No Use For A Name. He immediately proved to be an essential part of the band because of his songwriting skills. He helped the band release its full-length debut, Incognito (1990), produced by Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religon/Epitaph Records, and released by Bay Area record label, New Red Archives.

No Use For A Name went on to sign with Fat Wreck Chords for their third album, The Daily Grind, in 1993. The band’s popularity rose with the release of Leche Con Carne in 1995. This album featured the song 'Soulmate' which was the first Fat Wreck Chords single to ever get played on MTV. Tony recorded 9 studio and live albums with No Use For A Name, and spent 23 years extensively touring the world, including five Warped Tour stints, and countless music festivals throughout America, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South America.

In 2008, Tony started recording demos for what he announced would be a solo acoustic project. 'I think the first record you ever hear sticks with you for life and for me that was Rubber Soul. The Beatles got me into playing guitar, so what I’m doing now is going back to my real roots before I got into punk.' The 2010 release of Tony's solo debut, 12 Song Program, illustrates how 'Tony’s gift for songwriting transcends genres and classifications, proving that Tony truly is a rock n’ roll Renaissance artist in the purest sense.'

Tony met the love of his life, Brigitte, in their teen years. They were married in 1998 and their first daughter, Fiona, was born in 2004. Four years later their second daughter, Keira, was born. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Brigitte, Fiona, and Keira for sharing Tony with us. Tony will live on in our hearts and memories, and also, eternally through his music and children."

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Tony Sly has personally influenced me in more ways that I had ever even thought possible. His band, No Use For A Name, played an integral part in my life during my most informative years. In the early-mid 90's I was shepherded away from mainstream radio rock into the world of punk by his works, along with bands like Bad Religion, NOFX, Lagwagon and Pennywise. I was forever changed... and I am eternally grateful from the songs he wrote.

Though bitter sweet... I was able to see him one last time when he played at the Charm City Art Space in Baltimore, MD during an acoustic tour with Joey Cape (Lagwagon). Seeing two of my childhood heroes mere feet from me playing songs that so profoundly changed my life was nearly a religious experience for me. That show was on July 26th 2012... 5 days before he passed away.

Here is a picture from that show:

In regards to this tribute record... it is a celebration of his life not a memorial to his death. His songs are lovingly played by a great many artists whose lives were obviously changed by him much in the same way that mine was. If you were ever a fan, this is a fantastic tip of the hat and final "thank you" for everything Tony has given the world. If you've never heard his works either solo or with No Use For A Name... now is the time to change that.

Fat Wreck Chords is donating profits from the sale of this record to The Tony Sly Memorial Fund... which was set up to help support Tony's daughters, Fiona and Keira.

Thanks, Tony.