"After being honored as Polish citizens of honor, it was just natural for Sabaton to record their first official live document in the country that has supported the band like no other."

I didn't know a fucking thing about Sabaton until listening to this, but after a few minutes of this live record, you can tell they have a huge fan base. The songs here were recorded at Polish Woodstock festival in 2012 where they headlined to a crowd of six hundred fucking thousand people. SIX HUNDRED FUCKING THOUSAND! You know what is even crazier? It sounds like every motherfucker in the crowd is singing along at parts. I tried listening to this on my lunch break the other night while I was reading a biography on Walter Payton and eating a bowl of chili. The problem was I couldn't multi-task while I had this blaring. I had never heard the band before and just the fucking sound of their live show had me that stoked. I've only ever heard/saw one other band that was so stoked to be playing for a crowd and that was The Geeks from Seoul, Korea playing a stupid hardcore show and they were just being adorable. Sabaton are fucking excited, the crowd is fucking pumped, you can here the fucking explosions from the pyrotechnics, this was the most fun concert ever.

Oh yeah, Sabaton play power metal with a lot of lyrical focus on wars and other historical shit. It doesn't really matter though, they could be singing about how a helicopter works and I would be just as impressed. I am not about to go check out all of Sabaton's discography, but I am genuinely enthused about this record. Fuck, it isn't even just a record. This is actually the audio from a DVD/Blu-Ray. While I don't have the visual aides to confirm that there are a bunch of long hairs partying like mad men with Polish babes on their shoulders flashing their goombas, I'm pretty sure that is what is going on. Swedish Empire Live is pretty much the most fun concert ever recorded.