The Color Nothing are a collective of past bands from the NJ scene and this debut EP has seemingly dropped out of nowhere. Produced by Jesse Cannon (Dillinger Escape Plan, Senses Fail, tons of others), the quality is astounding for a debut release. Dynamics aren't typically taken into consideration with heavy releases, but with bands like Heiress and even newer Converge, that is changing. The Color Nothing bounce around from frenetic and discordant blasts of chaos to a dialed back progressive tempo with reverb soaked guitars. The drums are very punchy throughout and the kick and snare are never lost in the mix, even at the EP's most chaotic moments.

Frontman Chris Leonardis is fucking angry, and believe me when I say its justified. His lyrics range from losing everything in Hurricane Sandy to the loss of parents and moreover the different struggles each member was going through. Leonardis' vocals range from a higher register shriek to roughly shouted spoken word. Every bit of emotion comes through in his delivery, this isn't screaming just for the hell of it. The bass is really dirty and pushes through the mix throughout the EP, and Tony Coon's guitar playing is acrobatic and dizzying, seemingly transitioning from staccato dissonance to atmospheric, reverb soaked walls of noise.

This band has yet to play a single show, but I see that will be changing soon. I'd definitely keep The Color Nothing on your radars, especially those in the NJ hardcore/metal scene. Grab the EP for free over on their site or listen below.