Well I'm glad that the 90's grunge style is still on a roll. Citizen follow the same suit as many others have in 2013, but to me this is by far the most uninspiring of the revived style. I've shown praise to the Daylight, Basement, Restorations and Balance and Composure albums. So don't get me wrong I love that the alternative-esque grunge thing is huge right now. "Youth" is the first although to leave me bored and waiting around for something much more. Almost if Smashing Pumpkins would've sped up one of their songs, wrote it over and over again and rolled with their peers instead of breaking from the pack. Leaving me bored at the end of every track hoping the next has more to offer. Many have told me how good "Youth" is. Unfortunately this album is one of the most repetitive albums I've heard this year.

"Youth" begins with the track "Roam the Room" which is more upbeat than much of the album. Which isn't a bad song and in fact had me boppin' my head although it's very similar to a ton of man rock songs I've heard this year. Then like the frustration and confusion that comes with a terribly slow train ride, Citizen slow down the next 5-6 tracks of repetitious riffs. The only slight changes coming from drums and some leads. I felt like I accidentally turned my phones music player on repeat. I can usually appreciate the mix of different tempos, but when it's hard to stay awake for a bulk of the album obviously it's a little lopsided. It starts to pick up slightly by track 8 "Your Head Got Misplaced", but by then to me it was too late. I barely had enough interest to make it through the last 3 tracks.

The singers voice being more on the whiny and yet monotone side didn't help either in my fight to pay attention to the album. Which from the other bands I mentioned is the defining point of which separates them from the masses of bands coming out like this. There's not much else I can say from how bored I was in my listen. It's like these dudes listened to Balance and Composure, knew they wanted to sound just like them and did so in a D- fashion. I guess for fans of the genre you should check "Youth" out. The only other people I'd recommend it to would be parents that have a fussy kid when it comes to nap time.