*Cough Cough*

Pardon my ignorance on this review as I believe I'm on point with most of the topics I'll touch on but if not, I'm sure the internet will let me know.

Since Reign Supreme's inception they've released multiple demos and EP through Deathwish Inc. I've always compared them to Blacklisted's early material, which, to me, always made sense due to Reign Supreme's vocalist involvement with Blacklisted's original material.

Now, we find ourselves with Reign Supreme's first EP release on Mediaskare Records. The EP starts off strong with what I consider Reign Supreme's strongest material to date titled "It Feels Like A Thousand Years". If you can't find yourself with your friends chanting "All we are is all we ever were" by the end of the song then we need a defibrillator check.

After the intro of "It Feels Like A Thousand Years", we come full throttle with the old Reign Supreme that everyone is familiar with an extra touch of metalcore. What is disappointing to me is that things become expected after the intro.

Throughout the remaining of the EP I heard familiar parts of Hatebreed, Blacklisted, Shai Hulud and various influences the members take in. I can only confirm that we have a mishmash of sounds that leads to an EP that is buried in their influences but not clear with an answer moving forward.