Attention Deathcore and wannabe slam death metal bands. Please take notes, for "Feast of Inequity" is a guide for you on how to write tasteful mosh. Along with actual death metal riffs in between those mosh parts. This is called song writing.Once again keyword "Tasteful" song writing. Many aren't accustomed to it but Pyrexia sure as hell are. These heavy riffing, blast beating New Yorkers (go figure) have written an album although formulaic at times is dead on for the genre. Which so many slam bands miss the target with every year.

Whether you prefer the spinkick or pushing your big sweaty friend into another equally as large sweaty person. Feast of Inequity is one of the best albums of 2013 to do so to. There's technical guitar playing and incredibly tight drumming, but this album is straight forward with what they're going for. That would be for you to fuck your friends up at a show or your background music for picking heavy things up at the gym and putting them down many times over. In the same vein of Obituary-Slowly We Rot or their fellow statesmen Skinless-Trample the Weak... Pyrexia have the heavy groove down pat. That's not to take anything away from their talent. The riffs in between the beatdown show flashes of technicality, practice and an actual thought process behind song writing.

With that said, there's one solo on the whole album. That being nothing but a dive bomb. While still awesome, I feel as if every death metal band should show at least some shred. You have a ton of talent, it shows in every aspect of the songs, especially guitars. Why not melt my face bro? Besides the no solos thing the only other aspect I dislike about this album is the formulaic feel it has at times. It's only with certain songs or parts of the album, but at times I feel like I heard it already. The sequences just seem repetitive with a slight redundancy.

Obviously the pros outweigh the cons by a long shot. The scarce repetitiveness doesn't take much away from this album. Because of that important adjective I mentioned earlier. It's fucking tasteful, which doesn't come out of mouth often. This album is for any heavy music enthusiast. Especially the ones that like to groove their head to the beat. Enjoy it because for as many bands and albums that come out this style not many will hold up with "Feast of Inequity".