With an immense sound that can only be described as running real fast into a brick wall- Mammoth Grinder bring together a well crafted blend of Thrash/Death/Punk and Crust all into a heavier than Jabba the Hutt sound. I mean seriously, this shit is heavy and fast, but not overly so that it's over in the blink of an eye fast, but a nice steady pace of rhythmic destruction for your ears.

Underworlds starts off with the title track “Underworlds”, an unrelenting track of fast guitars and blast beats that will pound you into submission. The vocals are unique in this case, but not in a bad way. It sounds as if the vocalist may have been gargling with ground up glass and razor blades. The fact that he can keep this up for the entire album is amazing. Adding to the lead charge of the vocals are the oddly timed screams that fit in so well with musical style. What I like about his singing (or screaming) style is the fact that he actually changes tone and keeps with the changes of the music.

The rest of the band falls nicely into place. The drums really stand out a bit. There isn't anything really fancy about what the drummer is doing, and I think that's what makes it flow so well. Just basic beats with very minimal rolls, fills or break downs, adding only the occasional intro. There are a few guitar solo's in the fray, their short and fit in nicely with songs. I personally don't think they need them as the songs are pretty solid on their own, but its a good addition and actually makes the songs pop from the speakers at you. I'll actually go out on a limb here and say the music has a violent feel to it. Not that this album made me want to go out and commit random acts of violence or anything like that, but the feel of the songs and style of the band are seemingly rough and tough, and you get that feeling from the music. This is something that I really enjoy in bands, writing with emotion and creating their very own style with in the genre that they represent. It makes the music more fun as a listener.

These guys reminds me a bit of England Crust punks, Excrement Of War. Mammoth Grinder are bit more on the metal side of the crossover genre then Excrement Of War were, but the similarities are there and if you like one, you may band, you may like the other.

Underworlds if definitely a powerhouse of an album, as is the band itself! If your into the heavier side of things, but don't necessarily like faster, or not fan of the Sludge/Doom stuff, than this is highly recommended. Its heavy enough to keep the heaviest of listeners happy and just fast enough to not miss anything if you blink. Keep an eye out for more Mammoth Grinder. Thanks for reading.