NoFX was one of the first punks bands that I got into. Everytime they put out something new, I make sure I get to check it out. This was no different.

This EP contains 6 songs, 5 of which have been preiously released on older 7" releases and the Tony Sly tribute. The only new song was Stoke Extinguisher. I had not heard anything besides I Believe in Goddess so it was new to me.

The EP starts out pretty well with the title track. It wasn't anything terribly catchy or memorable on first listen. I actually had to listen to it again in order to remember it at all. After a few listens it became pretty catchy and makes me hopefully for a new album. Its pretty similar to their newer songs being a bit heavier.

Wore Out the Soles of my Party Boots and I Believe in Goddess were definitely my favorites on this release. They were the catchiest.

Overall this was a nice preview of what is to come on the next album and a nice tidbit but nothing very substantial. The songs are fairly good all around and worth a few listens especially if you only have the other songs on vinyl.