Canada's Protest The Hero has been producing over the top metalcore for years, leaning less away from the core on recent albums. Ridiculously acrobatic guitar is the first thing that grabs my attention on every album, but everybody in this band is an instrumental wizard. The drums are even crazier with this new album, as Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler has stepped in to leave his mark. A very interesting tidbit about how Volition came to be, is how Protest The Hero left their label and relied completely on crowdfunding. This has proven successful for other bands, and they were no exception, raising an astounding $341,000. You read that right, $341,000. This hefty sum of money allowed the band to spend as much time recording as they want, and that time has evident outcome on the performances. The guitar and bass tones are TIGHT, punctuated but very clean sounding. The drums are powerful and ambient, but manage to keep the song together, rather than jumping to the front of the mix and clouding everything up.

The first track I jump to daily is "Without Prejudice". The sampled string section that starts things off before the song kicks in full force is great, making the sub bass hit much more effective. Who'd have thought that a 808 bass drop could still pack a punch in heavy music? Musically, Protest The Hero stay true to their sound, with the exception of more clean vocals from frontman Rody Walker. Some dig the power metal-esque vocals, many find it a little too over the top. Having listened to this band for 8 years, the vocals are as much a part of the sound as the crazy sweep picking is.

There will be no new fans to gain from this release, as its really a nod to their fan base that single handedly are responsible for Volition's existence. If you liked them before, you'll love this album. If you've yet to give Protest a chance, now's the time.