During the summer of 2004, I took a trip to Camden, NJ for Ozzfest 2004. I really only cared about the 2nd stage bands, and was especially stoked to see Bleeding Through and Every Time I Die. I had heard about Lamb of God, but had yet to really give em a spin. Their performance knocked me on my ass, with traditional set staple "Black Label" inciting a wall of death. I remember buying As The Palaces Burn and playing that shit every day. The older I got, the more into audio engineering I became, eventually going to school and doing it for a semi-living. I would kill to have the multitrack files to some of my favorite albums, and modernize the mixes to an extent. Some people say classic albums should remain untouched, but can you imagine hearing "Master Of Puppets" with an audible and punchy kick drum?

As heavy and great as I found the album, I could never quite get over the production. The guitars were thin, the bass was non existent, and the drums sounded like they were recorded in a storage locker. When followup Ashes Of The Wake was released later that year, the amazing mix had me longing for a similar treatment on Palaces. I had to wait 9 years, but it finally happened. Producer of the last couple LOG albums, Josh Wilbur, went through a shit load of CD-R's and basically reassembled all raw tracks one at a time. I could FINALLY hear the bass guitar and feel the kick drum on each song. This new mix/master has given new life to this album, I'm still picking out things I hadn't realized in the past. The breakdown in "11th Hour" sounds HUGE, and the drum break towards the end of "Ruin" sounds like the drums are coming out of your fucking speakers. I stress the fact that any haters aren't going to be into it suddenly, but any long time listeners longing for the proper treatment need to get this now.

Any audio nerds like myself, I highly recommend checking out the Documentary that outlines the origins of the initial recording and how the re-release came to be. Check out the video below for an updated mix of "Vigil".