As I've probably mentioned in previous reviews, I'm a huge fan of Ben Koller's drumming. That is what got me into All Pigs Must Die, as well as what keeps me interested in Converge. Look for me at Converge shows in Philly, close to the stage yet mesmerized at this dude pounding away at his drums effortlessly. I enjoy Cave In as well, and the very thought of Stephen Brodsky and Koller joining forces is very cool. As a member of a heavier 2 piece band, I was very intrigued with where this duo would go musically. The outcome is stellar, as Mutoid Man's debut album, Helium Head, is a banger that doesn't take up too much time to leave an impression.

I was a minute into the first released track, "Gnarcissist", before I preordered my copy on vinyl. This track embodies what Mutoid Man is capable of, with Brodsky's wacky ass guitar lines and Koller's chaotically manic drums. The production is pretty cool too, as it was all done by themselves in their rehearsal space in Brooklyn. Hearing rockish heavy tunes with clean vocals is pretty refreshing, and the screams are effective when used. Definitely a fun listen for fans of the member's core bands, and heavy music fans in general. Pick up Helium Head over at the Magic Bullet Records store. Listen Below: