I can't believe it has been 5 years since Deeds of Flesh upped the ante with Of What's to Come and decimated everything in it's path. Having been setting a high bar since 1993, the riff masters took a new path and added leads to their sound. For me, it paid off beautifully. I didn't think they could make their sound any better, but I was wrong.

Apparently, the of what's to come was Portals of Canaan. This album is a continuation of the last album in story as well as sound. The sound is more focused and realized. This is technical death metal done right. It slaps the shit out of its peers and puts them in check. It's tastefully done, not gratuitous guitar masturbation.

I called them the riff masters and I meant it. It's as if the band says "hey listener, how did you like those 20 riffs in this song? Well, here's 20 more and they're all equally awesome." In one album, Deeds of Flesh seemingly can have more riffs than some bands do in their entire careers. It's remarkable how many they churn out and how awesome they all are.

Portals of Canaan was easily one of my favorite releases of 2013. With repeated listens, I'm always finding new favorite parts. It's just very well composed. At times it can seem like simplistic brutal death, but then a moment of technicality and progressiveness kicks in. For over 20 years the band has been putting forth quality death metal and it doesn't seem like that's stopping any time soon especially when you consider this far into their career they're still pushing themselves and just put out their most ambitious release to date.