For a decade and some change, Detroit outlaw psycho punkers, Koffin Kats have been blowing up stages with legendary pulse pounding live performances. My first experience with the band was at a hole in the wall in DC last year. A punk show wasn't my usual cup of tea but I had nothing to do and decided to see what happens.

I wasn't exactly psyched on the first sight of an upright bass or the trio that was about to play songs I didn't know for the better part of an hour. Once the fellas started hammering away I was absolutely enthralled. Delivering what was easily one of the most impressive live punk performances I've ever seen, Koffin Kats won me over and I've been jamming them ever since.

The show I saw was preceding this album's release and the band was eager to share most of it's glory in the medium it was obviously designed for. KK manages to have not just found themselves as a band, but improved and honed their craft over the years. BOTM echoes the sound of introspective lonely footsteps on the somber streets of Detroit to the mellifluous melancholy celebration of blue collar pride.

Vic Victor's voice is fearless and steely from start to finish and soars through the most dynamic peaks and valleys in tracks like "It's Real". The vintage riffs of Ian Jarrel are always on point along with his backing vocals and the beats from Eric “E Ball” Wall are raucous and rowdy without becoming intrusive or too far-reaching.

But the highlight of this band is their song-writing. Opening with a solidly constructed "let's do this" track like "All Of Me Is Gone" and wrapping up with the solemn acoustic "Gone To See The World", KK keeps coming at you with banger after banger. If I were to make one complaint, it would be that sometimes things feel a little bit artificial, "Devil's Tales" can get a little corny, and there are a couple twists and turns that make me feel a little alienated from the cause.

The bottom line is though, that Koffin Kats have a damn solid release here that's worth checking out. If you're going to take one thing away from my review though, I'd like to point out that these dudes are a live phenomenon before anything else. If the Kats play your town, you need to see what happens. And if you're in a gigging band make sure you take notes. They don't make 'em like they used to!

Time Husk: Great live band, solid release, check it out