"To love is to lie, to feel is to die." Words that Eternal Sleep have carved into stone on their sophomore release entitled "Dead Like Me." Clocking in at under 12 minutes, the Pittsburgh outfit gets in, gets out, and does all the right damage in all the right places.

The first track "Small Talk" greets the listener like a t-bone car crash. While caustic at first, the song soon blossoms into a catchy, riffed out, testament to metallic hardcore. "Speak/Not Speak" offers us no recovery time, immediately hurling us into another churning, Entombed-influenced monster. The title track "Dead Like Me" gives the us a brief reprieve from the onslaught, echoing William Hurt's famous lines from Altered States over a turbulent, avant-garde instrumental. Finally we get to "Just Keep Moving", the last and perhaps most punishing track on the whole record. If I may cut the the reviewer hyperbole for just a moment, I have to say the only way to properly describe this song is using a term borrowed from some of my peers. "Just Keep Moving" is an "ass-whipper" from start to finish. This is music you do bad shit to, and frankly my favorite Eternal Sleep song to date.

If you've given this band a listen and like what you've heard, I guarantee you it's nothing compared to seeing them live. Keep an eye on Eternal Sleep. I have a good feeling these guys are gonna blossom into something truly nefarious in the near future.