Last year Tony and Phil of Municipal Waste teamed up with various ex members of whoever to form Iron Reagan and created quite a stir. However, for as much praise as they received, there seemed to be equal criticism for not straying far from their full time band. BAT are another Municipal Waste side project, this time featuring Ryan Waste on bass/vocals, former DRI drummer Felix Griffin and Volture guitarist Nick Poulos. Given those ingredients it'd be a safe bet to assume you are in for another thrash fueled record, but not quite this time.

BAT aren't totally devoid of thrash, not even close, but what they present on Primitive Age shows aspects of metals roots that pre-date the godfathers of thrash. Right away there are a lot of similarities with what Venom was playing on Black Metal and Welcome To Hell. They have that muddled production and while Ryan Waste isn't a dead ringer for Cronos he sounds pretty close. Add in some of the straight forward rock n roll of Motorhead and a dash of Discharge d-beat filth and you have BAT. It's like combining a few different puzzles that still fit together pretty well.

These five tracks were all recorded within a day and left relatively untouched to preserve the raw and primitive sound they were going for. It's only their demo, but it is part of the charm of their sound that I hope they stick to on future recordings. Primitive Age is a five song time machine to when metal wasn't obsessed with being brutal and was content with being loud, fast and heavy. It may have technically come out last year, but it is my favorite demo I've heard so far in 2014.