While checking out the reviewers pool, the label Victory Records popped out to me. By now, the label has to be used to getting slandered by sites like this. In the 90s, they were running shit in the world of hardcore. Now, they put out some of the worst music ever. This is no different.

What is a neurotic November? Apparently an awful mix of modern metalore, djent (I still can't believe that's a genre, deathcore, and even occasionally dirty south rap (yes, you read that right). Almost everything about this is paint by the metalcore numbers, the breakdowns, the polyrhythms (quarter notes on the crash, snare on 3, bass drum follow the bland guitar rhythm), My First Solo, etc.

The vocals are absolutely atrocious. This is especially true for the higher screams. It sounds like a cat might have been dying in the studio. The low vocals sound like a bear that has asthma. It's just bad. Some of the lyrics I thought I heard sounded kind of laughable tough guy nonsense, so I checked YouTube for a lyrics video since I was sure they had one, sure enough they do. This song sums up their bullshit 100%:

This was a tough listen. Majority of it was monotonous and as I found myself skipping around the songs I had to check more than once if I was actually on another song. Avoid this shit like the plague, unless you're into that sort of thing, then please get down with the sickness.