This is without a doubt one of the angriest records I have heard that came out in 2013. Seeker's teeth-clenchingly furious release Unloved is a mammoth of down-tuned guitars, odd time signatures galore, and throat-shredding vocals. Although it isn't anything new, this four-piece from Texas has a record that's worth listening to in a sea of terrible releases from Victory Records as of late.

Unloved's sonic assault grabs you by the throat in the opener "Alone" and teases to let you go with the instrumental track "Regret." But soon enough you'll realize this instrumental piece is just as mean as the rest of the record and only acts as a dissonant dirge directly leading into "Dominance," one of the slow burners on the album. The next track "She" picks up the intensity and tips the insane-o-meter past 11. This one showcases how tight the band is and how great Dustin Weaver's drumming is. The rhythmic patterns starting this out are extremely complicated and he plays through it like it's no big deal with a thrashy undertone filled with blast beats and syncopation with the off-the-wall guitar riffing.

Many of these songs are very progressive in nature, so trying to pin these guys down to a genre is very hard. On their press sheet Victory calls them 'Death Metal' which leads me to believe they haven't payed any attention to their sound at all. That said, their progressive nature can be a blessing or a curse for a band like this. The problem I have with it is there honestly aren't very many memorable moments on here. I've listened to the whole disc a couple of times and there hasn't been anything in particular where I think a certain aspect of a song is great. On the other hand, people may like the fact that where a song starts is completely different from where it ends up. For me though, for an album to blow me away, there has to be something that really draws me in on each song that encourages multiple listens. Bands like Converge and Stray from the Path have a chaotic sound like these guys (definitely not as 'heavy' per se if we're talking about tunings and what not, but that's for another argument)-but they still have elements to their music that are memorable. Seeker fails in that department for me. They do succeed in groove, angular riffage, unconventional structure and just overall furiosity. If you're looking for a white-knuckled drive home from school or work, these 28 minutes are what you're looking for.