If you're unaware of who Hail of Bullets are I would hope you aren't into the death metal genre at all. Because if so you must not have a computer, been to a show in years or have any friends. With their third LP "III The Rommel Chronicles" I would say Hail of Bullets have officially put themselves as one of the genres most consistent and talked about bands. So for those of you still living under a rock please get into this band and album immediately.

The album from start to finish is nothing new or different to their sound or the genre for that matter. To me they're one of the heaviest bands on the planet. Also while doing so are fast with a ton of groove. But unlike many other bands that take the Obituary worship or "Old School " sound and run with it. HoB are like I said earlier consistent... (not to mention Dutch). Something most death metal bands have but in a terrible dragged out kinda way. For the third album in a row I have never got tired of their songs. They fill all the needs a death metal fan looks for and execute with ease.

III The Rommel Chronicles picks up where "On Divine Winds" left off. Only with even better production so that heavy sound they had... They took it made it 10x bigger which makes me almost have a bowel movement every time I listen. My organs move it's so fuckin heavy. Singer Martin Van Drunen sounds better than ever. So for those that didn't particularly like his vocals with Asphyx and Bolt Thrower (for some dumbass reason) will be pleasantly surprised. They're nothing drastic just clearer to understand. Which goes along great with their old school sound.

Opening track "Swoop of the Falcon" along with "DG-7" and "DAK" were my favorite and most notable tracks. Nothing over the top just straight to the point in the old school style done damn near perfection. To sum it up if you like death metal but not HoB, you're a dumbass. If you don't own this album yet, you're a dumbass.