After a "Demo" aka: "Poshlost" EP released in 2010 and two additional EP's respectively titled "Sons and Lovers" (Big Love Records) and "Downward Years to Come" (A389 Records), Philadelphia's Nothing has come forward with their full length release on hometown Relapse Records entitled "Guilty of Everything".

We could easily go into the ex and/or current members aspect of the band and their other outlets, but personally I feel that takes away from where their current interpretation stands as musicians. This, Nothing, to me (other than maybe Beanie Sigel) is the sound and lyricism of what Philadelphia is about.

The album opener "Hymn to the Pillory" to me acts as of the calm before the storm. The song title alone gives you an idea of what to expect from Nothing - death, depression, isolation, submission and an ode to history. The lyrics on "Hymn" are buried in reverb along with jangled guitar work reminiscent of The Lily's, specifically "Elizabeth Colour Wheel", until about 1:30 minutes into "Hymn" to show you that Nothing is not a band that will hold back on keeping the volume above 10.

From "Hymn", we quickly turn into the bands first single of the album entitled "Dig". It doesn't take long to show that Nothing is not going to hold back on the volume. About 13 seconds into the track we receive a wall of noise from the guitars and a pounding of drums that has visually proven that to play at the level Nothing does requires the acceptance of open wounds or a set of gloves.

From "Dig" we run straight into Nothing's second single from the album entitled "Bent Nail" which I personally feel is where Nothing is at their strongest. "Bent Nail" timing in at just under 3 minutes is an upbeat punk/shoegaze filled tune with lyricism that deals with hopelessness and depression, including the fading vocals of Dominic Palermo stating that "I'm a bent nail, you've got no use for me. A monster for eternity" Up until 1:43 of the song you have a reverb filled punk anthem reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine's "You've Made me Realise", until it quickly changes over into a wall of noise breakdown where Palermo and Nothing release all and belt out the lyrics "If you feel like letting go." repeatedly throughout the remainder of the "Bent Nail".

The next track "Endlessly" is reminiscent of the opener "Hymn to the Pillory", where we have more spoken word from Nothing into noise and a reverb filled aspect to the song. "Endlessly" comes off as a letter to a family as each chorus starts of with a respective family member Mother, Father, Sister, Brother.

Next we have "Somersault" which slows down Nothing's effort back to the the familiarity of early Lily's jangly shoegaze efforts until about half way through where Nothing intensifies their effort into continues reverb and buried vocals. The stand out point on this track to me is the drum roll work post 3:45 into "Somersault".

Next up, we have "Get Well" which is the best track on the album in my opinion. I recently had the opportunity to see Nothing at a local venue Boot and Saddle in Philadelphia. That day before belting into "Get Well", Nothing's guitarist/vocalist Brandon Setta stated that "This song goes out to anyone who wants to blow their fucking brains out". This right here, gives you an idea of what the song is about. "Get Well" quickly starts off into a nihilistic punk anthem with the vocal "It's easier to miss, on nights as long as this". The songs lyricism goes into the mind of someone who is lost and can't find the right path to life. "Get Well" breakdowns about half way through into a hard driven drum beat and wail of guitar noise that quickly goes into an additional breakdown that could have the most loyal Relapse Records follower headbanging.

After "Get Well" we have "B&E". For those who have followed Nothing's previous releases know that "B&E" was originally released on the 2010 Demo. Nothing (no pun intended) has changed from the first three minutes of the song from it's original release, but around 3:30 we get a far more intense outro to the song than was originally released on the 2010 Demo with noise and reverb filled guitar blaring against pounding drums intensifying until the songs ending. At this point, you are almost exhausted by the album, but Nothing is not done.

The final track of the album, the title track, "Guilty of Everything" has a different sound and almost, dare I say, ballad-esque feel in comparison to the rest of the album. Don't get me wrong, the volume and reverb is still there, but it almost seems as if this track is a final confession and last rites to someones everything. At this point there's not much more to say other than the final words of the record "My hands are up, I'm on my knees. I don't have a gun, you can search me please. I've given up, but you shoot anyway. I'm guilty of everything."

This is band sonic titan to experience live and if they come around to your city, go support them and buy this record. In addition for those that Nothing speaks to, get well.