Ok so first off my apologies to Toxic Holocaust for taking this long to review one of my favorite releases of 2013. So with that said these dudes are one of the most underrated metal bands around. If "Chemistry of Consciousness" doesn't prove that, well you're lookin for something completely different and terrible in your metal albums.

Not steering in a too much different direction than their previous albums. Toxic Holocaust play thrash that can be considered "blackened" at times, but to me it's just simple good ol' speed thrash. With this effort though you can hear a "Kill Em' All" vibe to it. When I say that I mean in between the pissed downbeats they bring some rockin licks, even melodic at times. For example the choruses and bridges in "Silence" and "Acid Fuzz", which was a great surprise my first listen. With every crusty thrash band just trying to out play each other it was welcoming to hear a change of direction.

"Chemistry of Consciousness" is a quick listen, which should also be a plus for fans of the genre. Too many bands write thrash songs that go on 3 minutes too long. This usually includes the lead guitarist jerkin off on everyone with a solo, which is cool, but then playing the same riffs a couple more times is always overkill. Personally, I welcome more well written songs with the occasional facemelter way more than metal bands that recruit that guitar player solely to just out shred everyone else. Way to lock yourself in your room all those years just to shred over dogshit.

Frontman Joel Grind is solid throughout the album. Not only with the guitar playing in killer songs, but also with the over the top gurgling vocals. The lyrics, of course, are goofy and fun, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be singing along. Every song has a hook that makes each track memorable. I'm sure this makes for an even better live experience..... (I suck for not seeing these rockers live yet.)

If you're not snowed in and have a 30 minute drive somewhere I suggest you listen to this today. Shit, if you are snowed in and losing it a little bit listen to this to blow off some steam. My most overlooked album of 2013: "Chemistry of Consciousness". Get into it. It's quick, it's catchy, and it beats the shit out of whatever avant-garde black ambient bullshit you're probably listening to.