It seems like over the last year or so I couldn't escape hearing about this band Hundredth. It felt like they were on every tour I saw coming around, in every magazine, etc. All up in my face. So I let my curiosity get the best of me and picked up "Resist" to review and see what all the buzz was about. Unfortunately I should have done what my mother always told me and go with my instincts. In this case my instinct was "I'm going to think this band is bullshit"... Welp.

Maybe it's just me showing my age, but I really don't know how anyone over the age of 21 can get into this style. Yea I'm sure across the U.S. there's a ton of 16 year olds grabbing their shirt every time the singer screams something endearing and relatable to them. Finger pointing about some big-ass words they just learned a year ago like empathy or manifest.

The album starts out with a very Poison the Well-esque intro of just melodic guitar (who I'm sure maybe 1/3 of their fans even know about). Then for 4 songs they give us the typical "heartfelt" post-hardcore, equipped with all the shitty, generic, hooky leads we've heard for years. Oh and don't forget the quintessential "screaming in a big room by itself" effect to start a song. The album finally ends with an instrumental with some political sample over it. Cool. Listen, I really hate making myself out to be so jaded, but god damn. This album is completely devoid of originality.

I'm hoping I dislike it so much just because it's not my thing. I'm sure there's a ton of younger people out there and on this site that love this stuff. Not to mention that the production is pretty damn good. If so, give it a shot and don't listen to an old fart like me. If you really dig emotionally driven hardcore that speaks to your inner high school kid grab "Resist". I'm sure your parents will hate it and you can still tell them "they just don't understand".