Out of the batch of physical CDs from various bands I just received, I decided to pick this one first because it had the most interesting artwork out of the lot. Honestly, that's probably the best thing this album has going for it as Kommandant's "Stormlegion" was a tedious listen thanks to its barrage of uninspired tremolo-picked single-note lines, monotonous black-metal vocals, and downright unmusical drumming.

If my research is correct this band has two guitarists. So, you'd probably think that would mean some nasty guitar harmonies and shredding solos...well, you'd be wrong here. I was waiting for some memorable, Slayer-esque, air-guitar inducing minor-third harmonies to come in somewhere, but to no avail. The only songs that I can honestly say I enjoyed off of this album were the intro and the outro (which are essentially the same composition). "Shiltron" opens with an incredibly eerie and unsettling chord progression fit perfectly with a single-note lead line over top to match the building tension. A snare playing something reminiscent of that from a marching band accompanies the other instruments (I didn't mention this, but it's clear that this band is war-obsessed and the marching snare is all part of this aesthetic). Unfortunately, it just kind of awkwardly ends and instead of having the intro build tension with the great atmosphere they introduced into an awesome first track, making "Stormlegion" that much more underwhelming. Their simplistic song structures with virtually no variations or places for the listener to take a breath or remember any of what is going on really is the glaring downfall of this album. If you're a fan of blackened death/thrash type stuff, I would pass on this one.