It never ceases to amaze me what garbage gets sent in here to review. This horrible CD that I have the displeasure of reviewing is Big Sexy Noise's Turn The Witch...but as if that's not enough torture to listen to, they had to re-release this terrible collection of songs and throw a live set on to make it a deluxe 2-disc edition.

Big Sexy Noise is fronted by Lydia Lunch, who to me seems like a poor man's Johnette Napolitano (vocalist and occasional bassist for Concrete Blonde, an actual very good female-fronted band). They're both into the DIY work ethic, are from the same era, and have strong personalities. But by poor man's, I mean like homeless, skid row type poor. I've included a music video to the first track off the album, but if you want to keep your eyesight and listen to talented musicians perform good music, I suggest not watching it. The whole album is basically a fuzz-ed out 'no-wave,' bluesy/hard rock disasterpiece with erratic and at some points just poorly played saxophone. Lunch's delivery is one of the worst I've ever heard, as it sounds like dirty spoken-word with the accompaniment of a mediocre band. The way she phrases things just make her seem like she thinks she's the greatest musician and vocalist to ever exist, where really it's quite the opposite. The album is filled with the 'rebellious' lyrical themes of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll (how original!). It's genuinely disgusting to listen these CDs, especially the live one where she verbally abuses some kid in the audience.

That's this whole album really, it's just a disgusting and unnecessary re-release of a terrible album and sub-par live performances. Hands-down in the top 3 worst albums I've reviewed on this site.