Wow, this is interesting to say the least. I'm not really sure what to write about this CD. This is a guy, Andrew Bushard, a triangle and some very bad, off key singing. Why this guy is making CD's is beyond me... And I'm trying to be nice based on the fact that Andrew is willing to put out albums as he does and send them out for review.
After a quick search, I found out that he is a bit of a Jack of all trades- From writing books, lots and lots of books; to motivational speaking. This guy apparently does it all. Hopefully he does his other endeavors better than this CD though. And from what else I found out, he has a few more CD's out on top of this one...
As for the music (?), like I mentioned earlier, its a guy singing (and I use the term very loosely here) and banging the hell out of a triangle and various other "noise" instruments. All the songs deal with, in some way or another, women. Not condemning them in any way, mind you. But not really making any sense of anything really. This has to be the oddest “music” CD that I have ever listened to. And not in a good way.
To be a bit more descriptive, if you are familiar with the band The Crucifucks, then your familiar with their singer Doc Dart. Mr. Bushard's style in a way reminds of the vocalist styling of Doc. That reference is strictly for comparison. The only resemblance is that Andrew Bushard's voice sort of mimics that of Doc's. Not really in a good way either. And one can make an easy argument that Doc Dart is an awful singer, or that of an acquired taste in punk rock music, but this takes it to a whole new level of sucky-ness.
I really hate to leave such a negative review on this, but it really is a very hard CD to listen to. Its like a bad spoken word album on meth or something. And the lyrical content is a whole other subject. Most of the songs make no sense at all, singing about being a knight in shining armor for a waiting lady but then trails of to rambling about who knows what, then adding the oddly timed use of instruments makes this a horrendous listen.
I'll give credit were credit is due, the man did take the time to record and package these CD's and send them out to various outlets for review (henceforth this review). And although it all but sucked pretty hard, the man's doing it. For that reason alone, you have to respect him as an artist, unfortunately that isn't even close to saving this musical endeavor. Any way, thanks for reading, if you have the displeasure of actually hearing this, you might want to have something close by to help clean your ears out.

And one last time, I do want to stress the fact that even though this is a bad review, I have nothing but respect for the artist. I mean, the guy is doing everything he wants to do, no matter how shitty any ones opinion is. So keep doing what your doing Mr. Bushard, your art form is not my personal favorite, but that doesn't mean its bad. Thank you!