As a supplement to The Flatliners most recent full length, Dead Language, this 7"EP/single was released for the track "Caskets Full" on the A side. On the B side is "Wynford Bridge", an unused track from the album session and the Tony Sly cover, "Fireball". Personally, I am a huge fan of when a band has strong enough material to be able to offer up releases like this and actually make you want to buy it. Ever since I heard their full length Cavalcade, I knew that this was a band that I could really follow anywhere that they'd lead me with their releases... this release not being an exception.

The song "Caskets Full" is one my highlights from the newest full length and is a solid choice for releasing as a single as it is a great representation of the material found on Dead Language. With that said, if you're already a fan of the band you are likely here for the B sides... and I, for one, am glad that these two didn't end up on the cutting room floor.

"Wynford Bridge" is an up-tempo throwback to the sounds much more at home on their previous full length, Cavalcade. While not quite as fast as some of those tracks tended to be, it definitely brought me back to the first time I heard it... wide-eyed and eager to hear more.

The last track, Tony Sly's "Fireball", is far more subdued and straight "rock" leaning than the typical Flatliners style... which is a welcomed addition to this recording. It really is no secret how much the music of No Use For A Name impacted this band as songwriters, so it is wonderful for this track to see some play aside from the tribute record that it was recorded for.

All in all, this is a great puzzle piece to The Flatliners discography and a must own for any fan. For those of you who haven't heard given the band a chance, this would be a great appetizer... but I HIGHLY recommend that you to get your hands on Cavalcade and Dead Language as well!