This is an amazing album from start to finish, a perfect mixture of Punk Rock and good old fashioned Thrash! The album starts off with one of my personal favorites-EXHUMED! I've said it before and I'll say it again, Exhumed does NOT disappoint.
The album starts off very strong with Exhumed playing the song "Gravewalker". A heavy dose of Exhumed is a good thing and just what the doctor ordered. The song is heavy, but catchy in a punk rock sort of way. Blast beats are imminent as well as a few slashing, short solo's towards the end of the song to round it out real nice. And as always, the mastery of the dual vocals is very present on this song as well as all the rest of Exhumed's side.
Next on the track list is “Dead To The World”. This is a fast paced thrashy song and is heavy and fast as hell!! The dual vocals are again very active here with the deeper guttural voice taking on most of the lead here. Add in a couple of lightning fast, shredding solo's and the original tracks from the band on this release are brutally amazing!
We're not done yet with the A side of this album, there are also two kick ass covers. First Exhumed tackles Minor Threats “Im Seeing Red”! WHAT!?!? Are kidding me? No way, but don't blink, because you might miss something, its so fast, and if your familiar with Minor Threat, then you know a thing or two about fast music. The Grind Gore boys do the song justice, adding a bit more speed and heavyness to it. A killer take on an old classic.
Oh, you want a little more punk rock from these guys, OK. Ask and ye shall receive! Next is Negative Approach's “Ready To Fight... And you guessed it, its faster AND heavier than the original song, witch of course is a good thing! All in all, the Exhumed side is amazing.

The Iron Reagan has a great sound that kind of reminds of early D.R.I. Before the “Crossover” album. They start off with “Life Beater”, and I tell you what, this song really delivers a sonic beat down, as do all the songs on this side! “Gave Up On Giving A Fuck” is a bit slower than the other tracks on the entire album. Its catchier with a “fun to sing a long to chorus!”, but seriously, its still punk as fuck and heavy in parts that make it stand out from the rest of the Iron Reagan side. “Mini Lights” thrashes things up a bit with a bit more technicality to the guitar riff-age (is that even a word?). Its a solid piece and you can hear the Municipal Waste influence in this song.
Whats in song title? Well, “Holy Water Makes Me Wet” is probably on of the best song titles I've ever heard, that is actually and extension of the description of the song also. Its a great song and again, the riff-age is all around this one. The boys in Iron Reagan know how to write songs, that's for sure. Even clocking in at just around 5 minutes, I.R. Fill their side with punk rock goodness. Good punk rock at that, no watered down B.S. Just straight forward, fast and loud Punk. Can't go wrong there!

Over all, this album is one of the best splits I've heard in a long time. Having Exhumed AND Iron Reagan on the same release is a win win situation for fans of heavy music every where. Now if your reading this and you really want to hear it, but either can't find it or can't afford it, click the link below and you can at least stream it while its up. Again, this is a killer album, it has all the elements of AWESOME- Punk, Thrash, Grind, Gore, Death and Speed. A great combination if I do say so myself. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy this release as much as I did.

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