Chicago's Indian pull no punches on their latest effort, From All Purity. Opening track, "Rape", is ultra intense right from the get go. Midrange heavy, dissonant guitars overtake the mix and are extremely distorted throughout. The bass compliments the chaotic guitars by being a constant driving force, almost as if on a loop. All guitar squeals and amp feedback are proudly on display, really giving the impression of a live performance. My speakers sound like they're breaking, but its essentially the overloading of the mix. Things sound even more batshit crazy while wearing headphones. Creepy noise and feedback dance from ear to ear while the band romps through a monster of a riff in "Rhetoric of No". There has always been a heavy noise element in Indian's music, and that doesn't change on this album. However, it is done tastefully in the sense that the feedback isn't overused or so high in the mix that the listener needs to turn it down.

Many of the songs follow a machinelike tempo, with many repetitive measures and dissonant romps. Not quite like a CD skipping over and over, but pretty damn close. If you're looking for upper tempo songs, you're not too acclimated with the sludge genre. Vocalist Dylan O’Toole sounds like he's about to rip his own throat out on most of the album. I really like the higher register vocals that sound more like a natural screamer versus a trained style. The 40 minutes presented on From All Purity are entertaining at the least, and refreshing for the metal genre. These guys are reaching out for new territory within the sludge/noise genre and I look forward to the next album.