So for anybody that ever complained about AFI getting soft and going to shit back in 2003, you may now rejoice. Just like the dance/electronic side project Blaqk Audio, Davey Havok and Jade Puget have started a straight edge hardcore band called XTRMST. The 4 song EP was up on a sound cloud page, with no mention of members. One listen through the first track is all it takes to know that the voice is definitively Havok's. Opener "Dirty Nails" is pretty heavy, with a down tuned romper of a riff serving as the driving force behind the song. Havok's open condemnation of alcohol is fairly evident as he screams YOU KNOW IT KILLS over a half time breakdown. Yes, you read that right, Davey Havok screaming over a half time breakdown.

It sounds as if the drums are programmed, but that may not be apparent to a casual listener. The EP as a whole sounds pretty good production wise, especially for a self release. The rest of the EP is at a pretty fast tempo, and the lyrics are repetitive and designed to be screamed at shows. Take a listen to "Exterminate" and you can picture the balled up fists and gang chants. I know straight edge kids will be pumped listening to this, as well as anybody that longed for AFI to stay on the hardcore path. Jade has stated on twitter that they will pursue a crowdfunding campaign to record an LP, so there will definitely be more in the future from XTRMST. Take a listen below: