I'm surprised that nobody has taken the time to talk about how great this album is so here we go. I won't lie when I say that Against Me! fell off of my radar when they put out White Crosses. A couple of listens through that album left little impression on me, and to this day I can't recall a song off of it. The frontman formerly known as Tom Gabel made waves in news when coming out as a transgender, which was huge in the punk community. Now known as Laura Jane Grace, she set out to craft the next album. I have no shame in admitting that the publicity that came as a result of coming out grabbed my attention for the upcoming album. Its not surprising that most of this album deals with moving on in life as a transgender, especially considering the album title. Losing two band members, one being longtime bassist Andrew Seward, also took a toll on the recording process. Grace called in a few friends, Atom Willard of The Offspring as well as Fat Mike of NOFX to wrap things up. The final product is a fantastic punk album, with songs that have meaning.

I'm sure people on this site have varying opinions on transgenders, but one thing most have to agree on is how much balls it takes for the frontman of a successful punk band to stand up for how he truly feels and tackle everything head on. That sums up the lyrical content of this album perfectly. I don't find myself skipping a single track on this album, although the strongest tracks are the opening title track, as well as closer "Black Me Out". I gladly scream "I wanna piss on the walls of your house" while driving through town. Some of the tracks are the heaviest material recorded by Against Me!, especially "Obama Bin Laden As The Crucified Christ". Grace's voice remains powerful and melodic, which reminds me of the days of old. Transgender Dysphoria Blues clocks in around 29 minutes, and none of the songs drag on too long. There are great hooks, meaningful lyrical content, and headbanging tempos. I easily see this album in my top 10 at the end of the year, as it rocks from beginning to end.