A couple years back, Cognitive released their debut EP to the masses. It was very solid. Debut EPs can be hit or miss and when they're a hit, like theirs was, it leaves the listener wanting more and hopeful a full length will promise that and more. Thankfully, Cognitive have easily delivered on that promise with their self titled full length.

Immediately, I noticed the production. It's perfect for a technical death metal band like them. Clean, clear, and very heavy. It's so much fuller sounding than their debut. It has a certain energy that helps an album stand out.

Cognitive play a brand of modern technical death metal that draws on many influences. They again mix in a lot of what I enjoy of heavy music. There's of course the tech death that's met with a healthy dose of NY styled death metal (think Dehumanized and Suffocation) as well as a touch of good metalcore and hardcore (death metal purists, ie snobs, don't let that notion deter you). Their sound is quite versatile enough that you could easily see them play shows with a wide range of bands and never be a sore thumb. It's a nice mix that never once sounds forced.

This release is a rager. It's not reinventing the wheel, but their wheel is damn nice. That's to say, they've written a very strong group of songs and the energy on the recording I mentioned earlier really helps it. You could bang your head throughout and then suddenly be in awe of a technical passage or beautiful solo and the next wanting to get ignorant in the pit, drag your knuckles and punch someone in their face. In a world where there's easily too many bands, some get overlooked. Do yourself a favor if you enjoy heavy music of any kind and don't let Cognitive be one of those bands.